5 Tips for Marketing your Association Management Company Online – Tip #1: Make Sure your Management Company Website is Ready.

Your management company is ultimately a local business.  Even if you have multiple offices, maybe in several states, each one is a local business in its own area so you need to focus on the advantages that gives you vs. a national company.  Research has shown that upwards of 87% of people looking for a local product or service provider use the Internet to do so.  Primarily on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  So, to help you tap into those searchers and build your business, I have put together a series of 5 Tips for Marketing your Association Management Company Online:

Tip #1: Make Sure your Management Company Website is Ready.

If your website isn’t ready, your visitors may not have a great experience and that could result in them leaving and not coming back again.  Here are a few ways to make sure your website is prepared to receive visitors.  Some of the most important early visitors to your website will be the search engines themselves, like Google.  They seek out websites to find out as much about you as they can so they can help folks who might be searching for management companies in your area.  Google’s goal is to find the most relevant results for a searcher so if they know where the searcher is located (and they usually do) they will target the search results to businesses around that location.  So, for example, if somebody searches for “Homeowners Association Management” and they are located in Houston, Google will boost sites that incorporate both of these elements.

Because of this it is very important that you make it clear where you’re located.  This is doubly helpful because human visitors to your site can quickly determine if you provide the services they are looking for, in their location.  You would be surprised how many management company websites I visit that don’t mention where they are located or what services they perform on their home page.  This causes visitors to your website to quickly become frustrated and usually results in them continuing their search for a management company elsewhere.  So, let’s start by putting your full company name, address and phone number somewhere on EVERY PAGE of your site; the footer is a good place for this.  On the home page you should make it even more prominent so it’s easy to see without any scrolling when a visitor first arrives on your site.  This is called putting it “above the fold”, an old newspaper term.  Next, reinforce that by making a special “Contact Us” page with the same info plus your fax number, email address and a contact form the visitors can fill out.  If you are using social media make sure to include those links here as well and it’s a good idea to put a picture of your building and/or employees on this page too to give is a personal feel.

Next you need to make sure everyone knows what it is that you do.  Again this should be summarized quickly on the home page and delved into deeper on a “Services” or similarly titled separate page on your menu.  The bottom line is you do not want people who land on your website home page to have to make guesses or assumptions about where you are and what you do.  Clarify it for them right away or they will leave.

Now that your site has the basics covered to receive visitors, the next step is to get those visitors to show up.

Be sure to read all of our tips in this series!  See our next tip: Tip #2: Claim Your Local Listings

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