High-Rise vs. Low-Rise HOAs

High-rise buildings and low-rise buildings are both great places to live, but each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. While one resident may love life in a high-rise another may prefer a low-rise. Check out these different aspects of high-rise and low-rises below:shutterstock_267954143

Cost and Availability

For the most part, high-rise buildings are harder to find than low-rise buildings. However, high-rise buildings have significantly more units than low-rise buildings, increasing the number of options for potential tenants. Low-rise apartments are also usually less expensive than high-rise apartments. Plus, residents can often negotiate to reduce the cost a little further.

Location and Convenience

Some would argue that high-rise buildings have the more convenient location because they are usually situated in downtown. If residents work in or routinely visit downtown, this makes the commute easy. Low-rise buildings, on the other hand, are generally located in the suburbs. This may increase the commute, but other residents may prefer the more secluded location. Another advantage high-rise buildings have that many low-rise buildings do not are elevators. This makes it easier to travel to and from the outside. That being said however, low-rise buildings are closer to the ground, making it easier to leave even if there is no elevator.

Perks and Amenities

Residents who want many amenities with their home should consider high-rise buildings. They tend to have more amenities than low-rise buildings, including pools, laundry services and even small grocery stores within the building. Although low-rise buildings may not have as many of these amenities, they do offer more outdoor space than high-rise buildings. Another perk for high-rise buildings is that they often have supervisors, doormen and concierges who actually live in the building and can assist residents with a variety of problems. On the other hand, with so many tenants, a resident may not get the same attention they would in a low-rise building.

Privacy and Quiet

As previously stated, high-rise buildings have more units, but that means more neighbors and noise than low-rise buildings. Residents in high-rise units have less privacy and are usually surrounded by neighbors. Low-rise residents have more freedom to keep to themselves and may not be surrounded by neighbors, depending on the location of their unit.

There is no single answer to which is best: high-rise or low-rise. Both have their own pros and cons, and the decision as to which is best relies on the individual and their preferences.

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