Marketing your Association Management Company Online – Tip #2: Claim your Local Listings

Now that you have your management company website ready for visitors (see Tip #1 – Make sure your management company website is ready) we’re all set to start bringing in some visitors.  As you have probably guessed, search engines are the best way to do this and search engines will like your business and website better when they find other authoritative sites that list or link to your business.  This brings us to Tip #2:

Tip #2: Claim your Local Listings  

A real quick and free way to get some authoritative sites to list your business is to use business listing services from the search engines themselves.  Google has “Places for Business”, Bing has “Local Listings” and Yahoo has “Yahoo Local”.  Adding your listing is pretty easy and each service will walk you through the process quickly, starting on these pages:

An important point to keep in mind when creating these and other business listings online is CONSISTENCY!  Always put your business name, address and phone number and always spell, abbreviate and order them in a consistent way.  Don’t put “Main Street” on one listing and “Main St.” on another.  Having inconsistent listings makes search  engines think there are two different companies instead of one, which can reduce the confidence they have in listing your business in a search result.  Along the same lines, always use your physical location in your business listings instead of a post office box if at all possible.  Again this builds credibility in the eyes of the search engines.   In the next tip we will show you other places you get your site listed to further improve your local search credibility.

Be sure to read all our tips in this series.  Tip #3: Get Others to Link to Your Business

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