Marketing your Association Management Company Online – Tip #3: Get Others to List and Link to your Business

Last week we covered getting your management website ready, and talked about getting your company setup on the major search engine listings.  Next, we are going to show you some other places you can get your site listed to give you additional exposure and help build your company “reputation” with the search engines.

Tip #3: Get Others to List and Link to your Business

In the world of “local” search, Google and the others pay attention to a thing called “citations”.  Citations are just listings of your business (name, address and phone number) on other websites.  At the risk of over simplifying it, the more of these citations the search engines find on reputable websites the more favorably they look upon your business, and that is what you want.

Let’s start with a few more “generic” sites you can get listed on pretty easily.  These include online directories, review sites and the like:


Don’t be afraid to list your company on the reviews sites.  The exposure helps and I’ll write another article soon about how to manage the risks and work to turn these sites into a real bonus for your company.  Right now, let’s just focus on getting your name, address and phone number out there on the web.

Another great source for citations is organizations you belong to.  This may take a bit more work but it’s well worth it.  Reach out to Community Associations Institute and other local and national organizations you belong to and see if they will list you on their website in the member listing area.  Do you belong to the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce?  See if they will list you.  Even if these listings don’t include a link to your website it is valuable just to have the name, address and phone number on their site.

How about reaching out to vendors you work with?  Most would be happy to list you under a “We work with” area of their website.  And don’t forget your community and condo association clients.  Many of them have websites so see if you can get your company name, address and phone number is listed on the public portion of those websites.

I’m sure if you put some thought into it you can come up with even more reputable places online where you can get your company listed, maybe by sponsoring or supporting local causes.  It all helps you gain exposure and drive additional traffic to your website.

Stay tuned because in our next tip we are going to show you how becoming a trusted resource to your clients will help your marketing efforts.  Tip #4: Become a Resource to your Clients and your Market

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