Marketing your Association Management Company Online – Tip #4: Become a Resource to your Clients and your Market

If you have been following along with this series of blog posts, so far we worked to get your management company website ready for visitors, grabbed some easy local listings to get some exposure, and then reached out even further to get others to list your business.  Now, the time has come to roll up your sleeves and get to the harder stuff.

Tip #4: Become a Resource to your Clients and your Market 

The best way to get people who might be interested in association management services to come to your website is to lure them in with helpful information and answers to their questions.  The good news is you probably have a lot of relevant information and answers, now you just need to share it as many ways as you can.  Think about the kinds of questions you get from board members and the kinds of information that would help make their volunteer jobs easier and less painful.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • How to run a successful board meeting
  • Ideas for working with a difficult resident in the community
  • Getting better attendance at the annual meeting
  • Opening the lines of communication with your residents

You and your staff have a lot of stored up knowledge and experience and the more you share, the better it is for your company.  Try to sit down on a regular basis and write a short article or “tip list” about one of your ideas.  Then post these in a “Resources” or “Tips” area of your website so the search engines can find them.   Keep them relatively short and easy to read.  Focus on quickly getting to the “good stuff” that will provide the solutions they need.  I’m sure you know this part by now but make sure each of these pages includes your company name, address and phone number at the bottom. 

Once you have done a few articles and feel comfortable with that, consider taking it up a notch by recording some quick videos.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just sit down at your desk, point a camera at yourself, and record a short segment of you talking about one of your helpful ideas or suggestions.  Introduce yourself at the beginning with your name, company name and the topic.  Have fun with it.

Becoming a valuable resource to your audience takes time and effort but the long term benefits of it will pay you back many times over.  People are always more willing to work with folks who they know and trust and you can establish that connection by sharing knowledge and providing answers to their questions and problems.

In the next tip I’ll discuss great ways to share all these new articles and videos with those who might be interested in them.  Stay tuned for Tip #5: Spread the Word. 

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