Smart Homes Are Here

It seems like ages ago that homeowners dreamed of advanced home features and electronics, but the dreaming is over, and smart homes are here. There are many new and exciting products that are shutterstock_238457347already out or are almost here that are sure to make any home a smart home and improve the appeal of your HOA.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are one of the most exciting features for homeowners because they make home life easy. Many of these smart appliances can be activated through the use of a smart phone. For example, homeowners can use their smartphones to check with their smart fridge to see what items they need at the grocery store. Automatic lights allow residents to turn on lights even if they are out of town. Some appliances even allow you to message them via a mobile app. A user simply sends a text message to their washing machine, asking it to start a load at a specific time, and the washing machine even texts back a response.


Drones are particularly great for smart HOAs to offer additional security. Instead of the neighborhood’s security guard going out on patrols, he or she can easily and quickly monitor the entire community via a drone. Drones are also useful for examining dangerous areas. Instead of climbing onto the clubhouse roof to examine storm damage, the property manager can simply use the drone to examine it safely from the ground.

Ultra HDTVs

So much for HDTV, because now 4K or Ultra HD is breaking out. The current standard is 1080p, which consists of 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution. 4K features a horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels or about 2160p. While some users say they can’t tell a difference between 1080p and 4K, many other users rave about its clearer picture, so it is sure to add to any smart home.

These great products make life easier and more enjoyable, and they are the perfect way to boost any home’s appeal.

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