Spring Has Sprung: 4 Tips to Get Ready for the Season

Each new season is an opportunity for homeowners to make changes to their home to keep it in top condition. Now that spring is finally here, there are many things HOA residents should do to ensure their homes remain cool and well-maintained throughout the spring and summer.shutterstock_263098937

Inspect the Exterior of the Home

The winter is tough on a home’s exterior, so when spring finally hits, it’s time to get out and look for any potential damage. When checking the roof, homeowners should identify any missing or damaged shingles. All roof flashing should be tight, not bent, and it should be secured with caulking. Taking the necessary steps to repair any damage to the roof keeps it working during spring storms.

Maintain and Repair the Air Conditioning System

As spring and summer approach, homeowners are more likely to start using their central air conditioning units. Besides checking the system for any damage, it is a good idea to replace or clean filters. A dirty filter affects the effectiveness of the system, and it also allows allergens to sneak into homes. Another good idea for boosting the efficiency of central air is to plant a tree or some other shade near the outside unit. This stops direct sunlight from hitting the system, keeping it cool and making it work better.

Make Small Changes to Cool the House

Spring means warmer weather, so keeping the house cool and comfortable is top priority. There are many little ways homeowners can help keep their house cool:

  • Ensure the ceiling fans are turning in the right direction, so they blow cool air down
  • Clean out dryer vents to prevent warm air from blowing back into the house
  • Run the bathroom exhaust during showers
  • Install a vent or fan in the attic to keep it cool

These changes are easy and small, but together, they go a long way in keeping out some of that unpleasant heat, so residents don’t have to use the air conditioning as often, which saves energy and money.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring isn’t done without a little spring cleaning. Homeowners should eliminate any clutter they no longer need by tossing garbage and donating or selling what they no longer need or want. Eliminating clutter is a great way to make homes seem larger and more appealing.

These four tips are a must now that spring has arrived. HOA residents who perform these tasks are sure to keep the neighborhood looking great.

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