3 Tips for Keeping a Board Meeting on Track

shutterstock_122894104Board members are busy. Not only do they have to worry about running the community, but they have their own responsibilities with work and home life. When board members find the time to come together for a meeting, it’s imperative that the meeting stay productive, so they can get things done quickly. Unfortunately, it’s easy for any meeting to derail, so check out these three tips that can help keep your HOA board meetings focused.

Get the Room Ready

Before the meeting starts, it’s important to get the room ready if you do not already have a pre-organized venue for the meetings. This way, you don’t have people moving desks and chairs after the meeting starts. It’s also important to consider how you get the room ready. This isn’t a lecture, so don’t set it up like a classroom. The best ways to set up the desks are in a horseshoe or circle/square. This way, everyone can see each other clearly. They don’t need to turn around to hear someone speak clearly.

Follow Procedures

Your governing documents should detail how your meetings are to be held. You may follow parliamentary procedure or some other plan that works for you. Whatever the case, you should follow those procedures each time to help the meeting flow properly. If a new person joins the board, make sure to teach them the proper procedure. It’s important to keep everyone on the same page. Otherwise, it’s too easy for people to start talking over each other, ignoring each other and simply not getting anything done.

Stick to Your Agenda

Before the meeting, the head of the board should create an agenda for the meeting. Taking into account what needs to be discussed and what other board members may want to discuss, they should create an agenda and pass it out to every board member in advance. Once the agenda is set and the meeting has begun, it’s important to stick to the agenda. Don’t get derailed by subjects that are not included on the agenda. If someone brings up a new issue, you can request they submit it in writing to be added to the next meeting’s agenda.

When board meetings go astray, it is a huge burden on everyone’s time commitments, and the community suffers. Following these three tips will help ensure your meetings stay on track, so your HOA board meetings are productive and successful.

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