3 Tips to Give Homeowners a Voice

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Not every homeowner who lives in the community is on the HOA board, but every homeowner is affected by what the board decides. That is why it is important to give homeowners a voice in their community. Check out these three tips that can help your HOA give homeowners a voice.

Only Reach Out When Necessary

The board is in charge of making the decisions that affect the community, and not every decision requires input from every homeowner. In fact, doing this can lead to a lot of arguments, and delay progress. Instead, it’s best to only reach out to the homeowners when it’s something that really affects them. This includes increasing monthly fees to fund a big project, such as putting a new roof on the club. Also, if you are planning to add, remove or change an amenity in anyway, such as adding a playground or removing the club house, get homeowner input.

Use Different Methods to Reach Them

Come up with different methods to reach homeowners, and stick with ones that homeowners prefer. For example, if you have a lot of younger people in the community, it could be a good idea to use your website or social media to post updates on what residents need to know. However, if you have a neighborhood that is largely older people, they may not be as tech-savvy, and prefer mail or email.

Give Them Different Methods to Reach You

Make sure your methods of communication go two ways. Without a place to speak, homeowners have no voice. Again, for a more technologically-educated community, online is a great tool. Allow homeowners to post questions and concerns on the HOA’s social media accounts, or create a forum on the website where people can discuss topics. You can also allow residents time to speak at board meetings. Just make sure they know when the meetings are being held and what is being discussed. Last, an incredible way to get feedback from the community is to use surveys. Whether online or on paper, surveys are a great way to get an overall feel of what people think about the community, HOA and board.

The board has an important role and responsibility to help manage the community. However, when necessary, homeowners need a chance to voice their own opinions. Having a robust HOA website and social media accounts is a great way to promote open communication.

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