4 Benefits of Going Paperless

shutterstock_301790537If you’re used to doing all your business on paper, it may seem like a drag to have to change all your processes and switch to paperless. However, going paperless has many great benefits that can make your job significantly easier.

Improved Organization

Have you ever had to rummage through an entire stack of papers just to find the one you need, or even worse, have to rummage through your entire filing cabinet because you misplaced something? Online filing can eliminate that problem entirely. When you file all your important documents digitally, you can search for them with just a few key strokes. Even if you did put something in the wrong file, you can simply search for it by name and quickly find it. Plus, if you store your information in the cloud, you can have access to it from just about anywhere.

Better Security

Digital filing can also offer more security, especially if you store your documents in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your filing cabinet, and you won’t have to back up physical copies and store them offsite. Another advantage of using the cloud to store your documents is that it is a secure server off site, so if your area gets hit with a natural disaster, such as a flood, your documents remain safe.

Increased Savings

You may not pay much attention to how much you spend on filing physical copies of everything, but the expenses can quickly add up. Consider the cost of paper, ink, other office supplies and replacing big office equipment, such as fax machines. However, you should also consider the money spent on labor. If you have to spend a few hours making a bunch of copies or backup files, that’s wasted time and money that could be better spent doing something else for the association or community.

Advanced Customer Service

When you go paperless, you can also improve customer service. For starters, when you receive calls or emails, you can respond faster because all the information is just a few clicks away. You don’t have to get into the filing cabinet to find something. Plus, documents and forms that need to be filed by homeowners can be done online, which streamlines the entire process and creates faster results.

Going paperless isn’t just an environmentally conscious decision. It is a great way to improve how you do business. You’ll have better organization, security, savings and customer service.

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