4 Benefits of Smoking Policies for Multi-Unit Communities

shutterstock_151861526For people who don’t smoke, secondhand smoke is a huge nuisance and health risk. In communities with detached units, such as homes, it’s not a big issue if someone smokes in their own home. However, in multi-unit communities, such as apartments and condos, having people smoking in their own units can cause problems for non-smokers. If you are considering a smoking policy for your multi-unit community, check out these four benefits.

Protects Against Dangerous Secondhand Smoke

If smoke would just remain in the smoker’s unit, there would be no problem, but smoke isn’t a solid object you can contain. Like water, it finds any hole or crack through which to escape. Secondhand smoke can escape through lighting fixtures, cracks, under doors and through heating vents to reach other people, which exposes them to dangerous health risks without their consent.

Creates an Appealing Place to Live

More and more residents are loving the idea of living in smoke-free communities, especially if they are multi-unit communities. As a result, making your community smoke-free entices more residents to live there. Similarly, having a smoke-free community sets a good example. Not only does it set a good example for the kids and teens who live in the community, but it sets a good example for surrounding communities.

Reduces the Risk of Fire

No one wants to have a fire, but a fire in a multi-unit community is extremely disastrous because it can quickly spread to multiple homes, destroying property and even taking lives. Prohibiting smoking within the community drastically reduces the risk of a fire because smoking is one of the leading causes of residential building fires.

Reduces the Legal Liability

If you don’t have a smoke-free policy, and a non-smoking resident is exposed to secondhand smoke, you may be liable for a lawsuit. Whether the resident was simply annoyed by the smoke or it worsened a preexisting condition, you may get in trouble. A smoke-free policy protects you by eliminating secondhand smoke altogether.

Always make sure your smoking policy aligns with the laws in your area, and when creating the policy, be clear, concise and consistent. With a good smoking policy to prevent dangerous second-hand smoke, you can create a better community.

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