4 Potential Issues with Faulty Fire Sprinklers

shutterstock_234430414If your condominium or apartment catches on fire, fire sprinkler systems can stop the fire from spreading. However, corrosion can cause serious problems in a fire sprinkler system, making it less effective or completely ineffective.


Corrosion can cause leaks in the system. This can allow water damage to develop, which may lead to further problems, such as decay of the building’s structure or mold production. In addition to causing building damage, if a system has too many leaks, it can reduce the effectiveness of the sprinkler system. Less water may be expelled in the event of a fire, preventing the fire from being extinguished.

Total Shutdown

Severe corrosion may also cause the system to completely shut down. This can be a serious situation if a fire occurs during the shutdown because nothing will be able to stop the fire. In some cases, the shutdown may only be temporary, which can still be dangerous. However, if the corrosion is bad enough, you may have to completely replace the system, which can be expensive.

Property Damage

A faulty fire sprinkler may even cause damage to residents’ property. For starters, if the system is leaking on someone’s belongings, it can ruin them. Even if the drip is farther away, flooding can cause major damage. The other problem is that if the system fails to work effectively, fire could spread and destroy personal property. If this happens, you may be held responsible for replacing these items, if the residents sue and can prove the fire sprinkler system was faulty.

Injury or Death

Of course, the most serious consequence of a faulty fire sprinkler system is injury to humans or animals, which may lead to death. If leaks allow water to reach electronics or the moisture leads to mold growth, people could become sick or injured. However, if a fire breaks out and isn’t stopped with the sprinklers, it can cause burns, smoke inhalation or death.

Fire sprinkler systems can save lives and prevent damage, but only if they work properly. When a fire sprinkler is faulty, it can cause serious issues. Make sure your community’s fire sprinklers are in working order and not in danger of corrosion.

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