4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Home

shutterstock_169101809A lot of people partake in spring cleaning. However, tossing out what you no longer need and giving everything a deep cleaning can only go so far. When you spring clean your home, it’s a good time to think about improving the organization in your home, so you can find things quickly and prevent clutter from building. Check out these four tips that can help organize your home.

Redo Your Pantry

Your pantry can quickly become a nightmare of stuffed shelves. All this clutter can make it difficult to determine what you have. You may end up buying duplicate items you don’t need or letting foods expire because you forget you have them. Organize your pantry by adding a metal organizer that can hang from the pantry door. You can also organize different types of small items into bins with labels, such as snacks. Speaking of snacks, organize yours into little baggies or reusable containers, so they are quick to grab and won’t lead to overeating.

Add Style to Your Linen Closet

You don’t have to do a lot of work to make your linen closet look like one that belongs in a spa. Instead of just shoving everything in the closet, use wooden baskets to separate items, such as big towels, hand towels, make-up items, bath salts, etc. Make sure to create labels for each of the baskets, so people know where to find things. You don’t want people pulling out every basket just to find the one item they need. That can be frustrating and make a mess.

Organize Your Jewelry

If you have a lot of jewelry or know someone who does, it can be a hassle to find a place to store it all. Even if you do have a jewelry box, the necklaces can get tangled, and you might forget what you have. Make finding your necklaces easer with a homemade necklace hanger. Simply get a piece of cork-board and cover it with a beautiful fabric. Use clear push pins as hooks and hang your necklaces from the board. You can hang it on the wall to find exactly what you need and prevent tangles.

Clean Out Your Garage

The garage can become a junk room if you aren’t careful. Before you know it, you simply have a bunch of items shoved in there. You forget what you have and where it is. Take this opportunity to add some organization to your garage. Get bins, buckets, baskets and anything else you can use to organize items. You can put all the basketballs, footballs, baseball gloves, etc. in one bin and keep the car-cleaning items in another. Again, don’t forget to label, so you remember where items are located.

Spring is the perfect time to add a little organization to your home, so you don’t have clutter lying everywhere. It will make finding what you need a lot easier.

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