4 Tips on Donating Used Materials

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Donating used items is a wonderful way to get rid of what you don’t want without creating a ton of waste at the landfill. If your community is considering making a donation of used items, check out these four tips to help you.

Get the Whole Neighborhood Involved

The best way to collect a lot of items to donate is by getting everyone in the community involved. This is a particularly great idea if the neighborhood recently had a joint garage sale (or if no one wants to have a garage sale). All the leftover items can be donated instead of tossed. There are two ways your HOA can do this. You can have people take their own items for donation and get their own tax credit. Of course, you could also have people donate items they don’t want to the HOA, so the HOA gets the tax credit.

Choose the Right Place to Donate

Before you just hand your items over to anyone, do some research. It you have broken items, such as appliances, don’t just haul them off to the nearest second-hand store. Those places may not want them, but there may be other places that accept them for parts. Also, before choosing a place to donate, make sure you can legally claim the donation on your taxes.

Determine Who’s Going to Take the Donation to the Site

How are you going to get all those items to the donation site? If there are a lot of items you are donating at once, you may be able to have someone from the organization come to your community and collect it all. If you are taking a big load yourself, you may want to schedule an appointment, especially if they check the items before accepting them.

Get a Receipt

Last, but not least. Make sure you get a receipt for the items you donated. You’ll want to make a list of all the items you are donating and their worth. Remember that these are used items, so the worth is their current, used worth, not how much you originally paid. You can then use this receipt as proof of your donation when calculating taxes.

Don’t just toss what you don’t need. That’s a waste of money and fills up landfills. When you donate used items, you can get a bit of help on your taxes.

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