4 Types of HOA Meetings

The board of any HOA has to get together a lot of help run the community. However, while you are probably familiar with regular board meetings, you may not realize there are actually several types of HOA shutterstock_239128420meetings. Check out these four types of HOA meetings and we will explain the difference between them.

Routine Board Meetings

Standard board meetings are held on a regular basis (once a month or once a quarter, etc.) This is when the board discusses routine business. However, before the meeting, the board must give notice that the meeting will be held and detail what will be discussed. Only these topics can be discussed during the meeting. All members of the HOA can attend and speak at these meetings.

Annual Membership Meetings

You can think of an annual membership meeting like a big board meeting. It is usually conducted in the same way, and all HOA members are allowed to attend, and notice must be given. However, this meeting usually discusses the big picture. The board will present the new budget, hear committee reports and review the previous year’s information. This meeting is also when the HOA will elect a board for the upcoming year. This annual meeting gets the HOA ready for the new year, while regular board meetings help keep the HOA on track.

Executive Session Meetings

Most of the time, all board meetings are open to every member of the HOA. However, this is not the case for executive sessions. Executive sessions are only open to the board, but notice is still required. Not every topic can be discussed at an executive session, they are reserved for sensitive topics. For example, the board can discuss private issues that may cause embarrassment if discussed at a regular board meeting, or they may hold an executive session to address late assessments or legal issues.

Emergency Meetings

The only HOA meeting that does not require notice is an emergency meeting. These meetings are necessary when unexpected issues need immediate attention. Only the president alone, or at least two members, can call an emergency meeting. Emergency meetings don’t have to be held in person. As long as there is written agreement from all the directors, the meeting can be held via phone or email.

Different types of HOA meetings are necessary to manage and run the neighborhood. Unless private information is being discussed, all members have a right to attend and talk, and except for emergency meetings, the board must notify all members in advance.

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