5 Tips for Getting Your Community Ready for Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday, especially when you’re a kid and get to go trick-or-treating. However, it can also be dangerous, especially as it gets dark. Your community can use these five great tips to get ready for Halloween and make your neighborhood a safe place to trick-or-treat.

Create a Safe RouteTrick-or-treat

Parents should always plan a trick-or-treating route before they start, so they don’t end up in an unknown or dangerous location at night. However, the community as a whole could come together to create a safe route that everyone follows. Ensure the children know the route (or you can mark it with signs), so even if they get separated from their parent or group, they will have other parents nearby, or their own parent can find them more easily.

Organize Groups

The safest way to trick-or-treat is in groups, but sometimes it’s hard to form your own group, especially if you don’t know anyone in the area. The community could organize groups based on where people live. For example, everyone who lives on 1st street forms one group. A few adults from that area can volunteer to watch the children while they go trick-or-treating.

Get Some Lights

One problem with trick-or-treating is that so many kids are running around the streets in the dark, which increases the chance of injury or death. You could insist that all trick-or-treating be done before nightfall, but if you will have children out in the dark, make sure there are enough lights. Ensure all street lights are in working condition, and you may even want to install additional lights. Hand out flashlights or reflectors to kids who don’t have any, so they can be seen in the dark.

Create a Safety Patrol

Another great option to keep kids safe is to have a safety patrol. This group of adults can wander the neighborhood, ensuring no children are lost or participating in dangerous behavior, such as running in the street.

Have a Candy Event

If parents are particularly concerned about safety during trick-or-treating, you could avoid going house-to-house altogether by hosting an event in one of the common areas. Adults can create fun Halloween events or stands, such as games, pumpkin carving, coloring, etc. and the kids can get candy for each event they visit.

Don’t let Halloween become a disaster in your area. These five tips can go a long way to keep kids safe while trick-or-treating.

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