Black Friday Tips for Success!

Black Friday may be the biggest shopping day of the year because so many stores have amazing deals in preparation for Christmas. If you shutterstock_165419309want to get out there and take advantage, great, but unless you want to get overwhelmed with crowds and stores, you need to have a plan, so check out these tips for success.

Create a Budget

When you’re out there on Black Friday, surrounded by sales and excitement, it becomes easy to overspend, which is why you need to create a budget and stick to it. Start by creating a holiday budget to determine how much you want to spend on holiday presents. Once you know how much you want to spend overall, you can determine how much you’re going to spend just on Black Friday, keeping in mind that you may want to spend more money later. If you’re afraid of going over budget, bring cash, and leave your debit and credit cards at home.

Make a List

If you head out without a list, you’re sure to fail. There are too many items available, and you can easily forget what you really wanted. Create a list of all the items you want to get, and the stores that sell them. This may require you to do a little research, such as checking ads, comparing prices and checking what time stores are opening. With research, you can find the items you want at the cheapest prices. You should also organize your list so that you’re hitting the stores that open the earliest first, and that you’re getting the items you want the most first.

Don’t Give in to Hype

Sales are genius marketing devices. People get excited over savings and end up buying things they don’t need or really want, but if you didn’t need it, are you really saving money? Unless you would have bought it at its full price, you’re actually wasting money. Black Friday takes regular sales up to the next level, so it’s even easier to get overly excited and buy things you don’t need just because they’re good deals. Don’t give in to the hype. Stick to your list and budget and you’re sure to only get what you need.

Shopping on Black Friday can give you a jump start on your holiday shopping. However, you can also end up wasting money or time if you don’t have a good action plan.

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