Boosting Harmony Amongst Board Members

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Whenever you have a group of people with different beliefs and backgrounds, you’re going to get arguments. However, as with any group, it’s important to create a harmonious environment to actually accomplish tasks. Check out these three tips you can use to boost harmony amongst your board members.

Promote Good Communication

Communication is the foundation of any group because without it misunderstandings are more common, and people don’t feel they are being heard. It’s important to promote good communication between board members and with the rest of the community. This starts by always letting the other board members know what is on the agenda before the meeting. It also involves active listening. Whenever someone else is speaking, every other board member should stop what they are doing and really listen to the speaker.

Get Everyone to Participate

Participation is another important characteristic of any harmonious board. This not only means giving everyone a chance to voice their opinions, concerns or questions, but it also means ensuring that everyone does. Some people may not be as forthcoming with what they have to say, but a little nudge, such as asking, “Do you have any input?” can be enough to get them talking. If a board member still fails to ever give input, it may be a good idea to have them replaced with someone who is willing to participate.

Always Focus on the Community

One thing that’s sure to to start an argument among board members is when some board members aren’t thinking of the community. For example, adding a playground is a good way to boost community involvement and attract new homeowners, but board members who don’t have kids may not want to pay extra fees to build something they won’t use. It’s important to leave those personal opinions at the door. Decisions should only be made by considering what is best for the community, not individuals.

Use Your Governing Documents

The governing documents are an important tool the board must utilize. Failing to turn to the governing documents can quickly cause decisions to be made that break rules. This can particularly be a problem when some votes follow the rules and others don’t because board members will think it’s unfair. Instead, always follow the governing documents, so you don’t end up bending the rules for one person and not someone else.

When your board is getting along, things get done quickly and more efficiently. If your board is having trouble keeping the peace, make sure to follow these four tips to keep everyone on track.

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