Exciting Summer Activities for Your Community

shutterstock_336795968One of the best ways to create a warm, welcoming community is to ensure that people get to know each other. Holding neighborhood events allows homeowners to get to know each other and become friends, and during the summer, there is always something you can do in your neighborhood.


Outdoor sports are a great activity when the weather is warm. Your community could host a neighborhood sports event. Create basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. sports teams and hold competitions with each other or other neighborhoods. You don’t only have to do team sports. Get everyone involved by creating different competitions that allow everyone to show off their talents, such as swimming, diving, racing, golf, etc.

Block Party

A block party is another great idea in warm weather, especially on warm summer nights. Hire a DJ to play music and rent different types of games to entertain guests. You can also offer food by hiring a caterer or allowing people to BBQ different types of food. A potluck is another great option and allows everyone to show off what they cook best. Don’t forget the drinks, but if you serve alcohol, make sure you don’t serve to minors and have a limit.

Community Garage Sale

Summer is filled with garage sales. They are a great way to get rid of items you no longer need, and they can help you earn a little extra cash. A community garage sale is a great way to bring neighbors together and make money for the HOA. There are several ways to go about holding a community garage sale. You could have people donate items and have one big sale, with all proceeds going to the HOA; or everyone could hold their own sale, and donate a portion to the HOA, or you can charge an entry to attend the garage sale.

Community Picnic

Nothing brings people closer together quite like sharing a good meal, so let your community bond with a big picnic. If your neighborhood is located in a great spot for picnicking, such as by a lake, you can simply have it in the community, but you could also rent an area. People can bring their own food or the HOA can provide food for a fee. Don’t forget to have fun games for adults and kids.

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy life, and when you live in a community, it’s also a great time to get to know your neighbors better. Any of these four events is a sure-fire way to have fun and bond.

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