Getting Your Association Ready for a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can’t be stopped, but you can help get your association ready for the aftermath of these devastating occurrences. After all the damage and worry, your neighborhood must recover, and theseshutterstock_347593466 four tips can help the HOA and the community get back on its feet faster and more easily.

Store Backups of Important Documents

As a business, your HOA has many important documents, but do you have backups? If you only have one copy saved on a single computer, you’re putting yourself at risk. If that computer gets damaged, you may not be able to recover those documents and records. It’s important to have backups, which are stored in different locations. You may even want to have physical and electronic backups, but just make sure they are not stored in the same room as your main computer. Whether you store files in a secure facility or in the Cloud, you need to have a backup plan.

Check Your Insurance

Sometimes, you know a natural disaster may be at hand, such as a storm. However, there are some natural disasters that appear without much warning. This is why it’s so important to always check your HOA insurance to make sure you are fully covered. Check that your insurance hasn’t lapsed and that it is enough to cover everything you may need replaced.

Take Inventory of Belongings

Another important step is to take inventory of all the HOA belongings, such as business equipment, community gym equipment, etc. Don’t just write a list of everything, take pictures and videos. If items have serial numbers, mark them down on your inventory too, and if you still have sales receipts, add those to the inventory. This will allow you to easily prove what items you lost in the natural disaster.

Share Information With Residents

One of the most important things you can do is to share the above information with your residents. Perhaps you could add a natural disaster page to your HOA website, but whatever you do, teach your homeowners how to protect their documents and belongings. Do whatever you can to make natural disaster recovery easier for your community residents.

You can’t always protect your community or belongings from a disaster, but you can make it easier to recover with these steps. Always store backups of important documents, and protect your belongings with insurance and a thorough inventory.

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