Halloween Decorations and HOAs

shutterstock_157294091Halloween is a fun holiday, when even adults can act a little like kids. Halloween decorations are a popular way to celebrate this spooky and exciting day. However, there is a fine line between festive and obnoxious, which is why many HOAs put limitations on outside Halloween decorations.

Is the Décor Causing an Issue?

Before any HOA starts tearing down Halloween decorations within the community, it needs to determine if there actually is an issue. Are people complaining, or is the HOA creating a problem that doesn’t exist? A handful of residents complaining the decorations are too over-the-top for their taste may not seem too serious, but it is still something the board must consider, to help keep the community happy. However, outrageous decorations can cause even more problems. In an HOA in California, Kevin Judd used to put on amazing light shows, but they became too popular and drew crowds, which led to damage and crowded streets.

What Do the Governing Documents Say?

If the Halloween decorations are causing an issue, whether big or small, it’s time to check the Governing Documents. Perhaps the Governing Documents already spell out how many decorations are too much, and it’s always important to follow the Governing Documents. If the documents don’t provide enough information, or the guidelines need to be changed, the HOA will need to create new guidelines and hold a vote.

Is There Room for Compromise?

The easiest solution would be to just prohibit any exterior Halloween decorations, but that isn’t much fun. Instead, it’s best to compromise on what decorations are allowed. Some possible suggestions could be:

  • Limiting how many decorations are allowed to a specific number (4, 5, etc.)
  • Limiting the size of decorations
  • Limiting décor to specific days and times, such as only on Halloween
  • Prohibiting lights and music but allowing most other decorations
  • Prohibiting décor that begins to draw crowds

Compromising is difficult, but it keeps everyone happy. The goal is to find a common ground where decorators can express themselves without annoying neighbors.

Halloween decorations are fun, but they can annoy some people, especially if they start drawing crowds that cause damage to neighbors’ property. Always check the Governing Documents first, but compromise really is the best solution to keep everyone happy.

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