Harvest Moon

The moon is an amazing thing, and you can even use it as an excuse to organize a neighborhood event. This year, use the Harvest Moon to gather your neighborhood, and throw a party or hold an event.shutterstock_85105738

What Is a Harvest Moon?

The Harvest Moon refers to a full moon during September. It is the full moon that appears closest to the autumnal equinox. Sometimes, the Harvest Moon is also a “supermoon,” which occurs when the moon makes its closest approach to the Earth, making it look bigger.

What Is the History of the Harvest Moon?

The name Harvest Moon dates back to the days before electricity. The Harvest Moon takes place during harvest time, and farmers needed the longer light, so they could work into the night and gather their crops.

When Is the 2015 Harvest Moon?

The 2015 Harvest Moon takes place on September 27-28. Plus, the 2015 Harvest Moon isn’t just a typical full moon. It’s a supermoon, and it’s also a Blood Moon eclipse. You now know what a supermoon is, but what is a Blood Moon eclipse? Sometimes, a lunar tetrad occurs, which means four total lunar eclipses happen in a row. The fourth total lunar eclipse is the Blood Moon eclipse.

What Can Your HOA Do to Celebrate the Harvest Moon?

People love astrological events, such as full moons, so why not use it as an excuse to get the community together? Most likely, you’ll want to hold an event it in the evening, so everyone can view the Harvest Moon together. Having a nighttime block party or barbeque could be the perfect thing. However, if your neighborhood has a community garden with produce that will be ready to harvest in September, it could be fun to celebrate the Harvest Moon a little more traditionally, by harvesting your crops in the moonlight.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the Harvest Moon, it is sure to engage residents. Any excuse to get the neighborhood together to create a feeling of community is worth looking into.

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