How to Get Parents Engaged in Their Child’s Schooling

When children start school, they create new lives away from their parents, and in too many cases, parents have no idea what is happening at school. Getting parents engaged can be difficult, but it really helps to create a connection between school and home life. Check out these four ways teachers try to get parents more engaged in their child’s schooling.

Don’t Just Share the Negative

Most parents don’t like getting a call from their child’s teacher because it usually means their child did something bad or is failing a subject. This causes the parent to associate negative feelings with dv1940003communicating with the teacher. Instead of only sharing the negative, teachers should contact parents about good news too. When a child does something good, such as helping out or doing good on an assignment, teachers can call, text or send an email to let parents know, which helps open the doors of communication.

Let Parents Know What Is Happening at School

Most parents have no idea what is happening at their child’s school. They’re busy with so many other things, and kids aren’t the best at sharing what is happening at school. Teachers can help by telling parents what’s going on. One good way is to create a classroom newspaper that talks about what the children are learning or what events are happening. The teacher can even turn it into a class project, so the kids do most of the work.

Become Partners With Parents

Too often, parents feel left out of the loop when it comes to their children’s education, but that shouldn’t be the case. Parents and educators should be partners in helping the child learn. Teachers can help promote this by talking to parents and asking for their input. Having the parent talk about their child allows the parent to feel more involved, but it also gives the teacher additional insight about what works or doesn’t work for that child.

Meet With Parents

Of course, one of the best things a teacher can do is meet with the parents, but it isn’t always that easy. Parents may not be able or willing to find the time to come to the class to meet with their child’s teacher, but the teacher should still set aside time when parents can come and talk. If some parents refuse to come in and talk, the teacher could offer to visit them in their home.

Getting parents more engaged in their child’s education can be difficult, but it is important. It’s necessary for teachers to be proactive about getting parents involved and educated on what is going on at school.

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