How to Repair Your Community Management’s Reputation

AdobeStock_76223210Every business relies on its reputation to generate customers and leads. Even your HOA’s management team has a reputation and needs to ensure it’s a good one. If yours has been dealt some damage in the past, check out these three tips to repair your community management’s reputation.

Identify the Problem

Whenever you’re running damage control, you need to identify the problem. It may simply be a single former tenant who was not happy with the way things ended. On the other hand, it could be a complaint that the majority of your tenants have. Being able to identify the problem is the best way to figure out how to deal with it. If it is a single person causing the problem, try talking with them. They may simply want to be heard and have their complaint acknowledged. Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away.

Determine if the Complaints Are Valid

Hopefully, the complaints have no validity. Perhaps a former tenant was just angry the rules didn’t allow dogs and they wanted a dog. However, even if you don’t think they could be valid, you must investigate to determine if there really is a problem. If the complaints are valid, you need to correct them or else your reputation is going to continue to dwindle as more and more people become upset. Whether it is valid or not, it’s important you address it, so people know you take complaints seriously. If something does need to be corrected, tell them how you plan to correct it.

Communicate Honestly

Nobody likes admitting when they’ve made a mistake, but it is a crucial responsibility for any business to be able to admit when they are wrong. Don’t just try to sweep a legitimate issue under the rug. Let people know you are now aware of the problem and intend on fixing it. This is also true for potential problems. For example, if someone broke into a car in the neighborhood, tell everyone so they know there is a risk. Don’t wait until several people have been victimized before you warn them. That will upset them more than the actual issue.

Never try to ignore a potential problem. People will find out, and it will only damage your reputation. Even if there is a legitimate problem, it’s best to face it, admit it and then fix it.

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