Improving Cyber Security for Your HOA

Cyber Security.  Symbolic padlock in electronic cyberspace.You may think that only big businesses with millions of dollars are at risk for a cyber hack, but that isn’t the case. Cyber criminals know that smaller companies, including HOAs, don’t have the money or sophistication to have impenetrable online protection. If you are worried about your HOA’s cyber security, check out these four tips.

Change Passcodes Frequently

Many people choose one passcode for everything and never change it. They also choose passcodes that are related to them, such as their pet’s name or their child’s name. This is a bad idea because it’s easy to guess your passcode, and once the thief knows your code, they can get into everything. Have different passcodes for different accounts and change them frequently. Don’t choose obvious codes, but do make them complicated with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Update Your Computer Virus Protection Software

New viruses are constantly being created and unleashed. That’s why it’s important to have reliable computer virus protection, but installing it isn’t the end of the story. Keep the software updated regularly, and when your subscription expires, make sure you renew it before your protection actually ends. That way, you won’t have a window of vulnerability when you aren’t protected.

Don’t Collect Information You Don’t Need

You’re going to need some information from homeowners, but you don’t need everything. Only collect the information you need, and don’t keep it for longer than you need it. Similarly, be careful who you let view the information. Only let people see the information they need to do their job. For example, the community manager’s secretary probably doesn’t need to see homeowner’s social security numbers. It isn’t a bad idea to have a privacy agreement that forbids sharing private information.

Use Encryption

Any time you are submitting personal information via the internet, use encryption. If you have email communications with confidential info, have the email encrypted. If homeowners make payments online or have any personal information online, encrypt your website. Hiring a professional HOA website company to handle your website is the best way to ensure it is protected.

Don’t let your HOA’s information get into the wrong hands. A few small mistakes can go a long way in leaking vital information. Follow these four tips to keep everyone protected.

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