Multiple Dwelling Unit Right of Entry Agreement for Service Providers

shutterstock_230146552 (1)Even if you live in an apartment, your landlord can’t just enter without reason, and the landlord can’t allow others to enter without reason. However, there are some instances that do allow a right of entry (ROE). One common example is the Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) ROE agreement for service providers. Here’s what an MDU ROE agreement is and how it benefits residents.

What Is a Right of Entry Agreement for Service Providers?

An HOA can make a Right of Entry agreement for various service providers, such as cable, internet, etc. In most situations, this agreement would allow the service provider to access private property for the purpose of providing the service. If the HOA has a bulk ROE agreement, 100 percent of the residents within the community must agree to use that specific provider for their cable, internet, etc., and the contract is handled by the HOA. If the HOA has a standard ROE agreement, residents aren’t required to choose that service provider, and the contract is handled by the individual resident.

Are There Any Limitations?

There are a few limitations regarding the Right of Entry agreement. For starters, not all providers are allowed to provide exclusive ROE agreements. This includes cable and telephone providers that have a franchise agreement with the state, but satellite TV providers can have exclusive agreements. Another limitation is that the agreement does give mandatory access to MDU properties. Just because one provider has a ROE agreement, it doesn’t mean any provider can access the property.

How Does This Affect the Residents?

MDU ROE agreements are beneficial for residents because they make services cheap, especially if the community has a bulk agreement. In exchange for giving a provider 100 percent of the apartment’s or condo’s residents as customers, the service provider charges significantly reduced prices. Residents get their service for a fraction of the price that someone without an MDU ROE bulk agreement would pay. The agreement is also beneficial because it allows the service provider to access the apartment even when no one is home, so services and savings can begin sooner.

An MDU ROE agreement for service providers allows certain providers to access private property to provide their service. With a MDU ROE agreement, residents can save money on some services.

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