Protect Your Home During Vacation Season

shutterstock_298411103 (1)Vacations are fun, but it’s not so much fun when you come back to find your home burglarized. When you’re away, you need to protect your home. These four tips will help you keep your home safe.

Don’t Let Your Mail Pile Up

Having a huge stack of mail in your mailbox or having packages build up on your doorstep is a sure sign that no one is home. Make it look like you are home and getting the mail by not allowing this to happen. If you have a neighbor you trust, you could ask them to get your mail and packages for you. If you don’t want them in your home, you could have them keep your mail in their home until you get back. If you don’t have anyone on which you can rely, put a hold on your mail.

Control Your Lights From Afar

Another sign that you aren’t home is when your lights are always off or always on. As you go about your day, you naturally turn lights on and off. If you can mimic this while you are gone, it can go a long way to make it look like someone is home. Again, you could ask a neighbor to turn your lights on during the day and off at night. Some lights come with timers, which allow you to set when you want them to automatically turn off or on. Last, other lights allow you to manage them via your smartphone, so you can control your lights wherever you are.

Make Your Home Look Secure

Even if you don’t have a security alarm, you should make it look like you have some security. Sometimes, just having a security company’s sign in your yard can detour criminals, even if you don’t have a system. Another trick is to purchase fake security cameras that look real. Make sure they can be spotted easily. However, don’t make them too obvious because that could look fake.

Keep Your Plans Private

When you’re going on vacation, you’re excited. It’s fun to talk about it. Don’t worry about telling your friends or trusted neighbors, but don’t talk about your plans in front of strangers or people you don’t know. It’s especially important you don’t talk about your plans on social media accounts. If you do mention your vacation, definitely don’t mention when you will be gone.

When you’re far away from home for a long period of time, your home is vulnerable. Do everything you can to make it look like people are home and your home is secure.

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