Putting an FAQ Page on Your HOA Website



Frequently asked question (FAQ) pages are great because they provide customers with a one-stop resource for all the most commonly asked questions. Putting an FAQ on your HOA website is an excellent way to interact with homeowners and potential home buyers. If you’re thinking about adding an FAQ sheet, check out these four facts.


FAQs Give Customers Immediate Answers


When you have a question, you usually want the answer as soon as possible, which is why it’s so annoying to have to send an email with your question and wait a few days for a reply. FAQs make getting answers fast and easy. Your customers can simply go the FAQ and find answers to many of their questions immediately. True, you can’t anticipate every possible question, but you can anticipate the most common. An FAQ is a great way to satisfy customers and show you care because you want their questions to be answered fast.


It Gives You More Time for Other Work


Of course, the flip side of offering a FAQ is that it gives you more time for other work. Once the FAQ is created, you only have to routinely update it. Without that FAQ, however, you would have to answer a lot of questions via email, phone, etc. on a regular basis. There are probably some questions you get almost every day. Adding those to a FAQ can drastically cut down the communications you receive, so you can get other work done.


You Should Make it Easy to Read and Navigate


If you do decide to create a FAQ for your website, it should be user-friendly, which means easy to read and navigate. Try to keep the answers short and to the point. If you do need to have a somewhat long answer, make sure to break it up into small paragraphs. It’s also a good idea to organize the FAQ into different sections, based on topics, such as landscaping questions, fees questions, etc.


It’s Important to Answer the Hard Questions Too


The goal of the FAQ is to answer all the questions you get asked frequently. Unfortunately, not all those questions are easy. You may commonly get asked hard questions, such as “why are assessments so high?” Don’t be afraid to answer these tough questions. It’s a good opportunity to turn the questions positive. For example, when you answer the question about high assessments, steer the answer toward something good and explain how the assessments pay for all the great features of the neighborhood, such as the pool, clubhouse, etc.


An FAQ is a great chance to interact with your customers without actually doing much work. Your customers get their questions answered immediately, and you have more time to finish other important tasks.


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