Rainwater Collection Part 1: The Collection System

drain for rain water in a plastic barrel in a country house

Many people love the perks of rainwater collection. It is a cheap way to water plants and grass, but the collection system can draw from the attractiveness of the neighborhood. Some HOA communities may forbid homeowners from installing these systems, but some states have laws that prohibit HOAs from banning them. If your state won’t allow your HOA to block collection systems, don’t worry. Check out these tips on how you can make the systems less noticeable.  

Choose Less Obvious Tanks

The tanks in the rainwater collection system can be big, bulky and ugly. They stand out as an eyesore in the neighborhood. However, there are some tanks that are less obvious. They even come in different colors, such as green and brown, which allow them to blend in with the background. If homeowners are interested in installing rainwater collection systems, encourage them to choose these types of tanks. If your laws allow it, you may even want to update the rules in the governing documents that say the tanks must be as inconspicuous as possible.

Keep The Pumps Hidden

Not every rainwater collection system requires pumps, but if homeowners are using the water to irrigate their landscape, pumps may be necessary. These can also affect the natural beauty of the neighborhood. However, you may be allowed to require homeowners to hide the pumps in a pump house or behind fences. A pump house also protects the equipment, so homeowners won’t need to repair it as often. Use that information to your advantage.

Keep The Gutters

A house without gutters just doesn’t look right and their absence can result in major problems to the foundation. Just because a homeowner has a rainwater collection system doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have gutters. The HOA can require homeowners to keep gutters. They will also make the system more efficient, which will make homeowners happy.

If you can’t prohibit rainwater collection systems, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with big, ugly equipment that draws negative attention. With these tips, your homeowners can have their rainwater collection systems without impacting the ambiance of the community. Get started today by working on guidelines for rainwater collection systems in your community.

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