Recreation Area Maintenance Tips

Neighborhood recreation areas are a great advantage for any community. However, with so many people using these common areas, they can become worn without good maintenance. If you want to keep your recreation areas looking their best, follow these five maintenance tips.shutterstock_281378543

Choose the Right Materials

When building or remodeling the recreation area, make sure you choose the right materials that can withstand the activities being held within the building. For example, if you have a gym in your community, ensure the flooring can withstand weights. Don’t forget to consider the finishes. If you want tile floors in the bathroom, expect the joints to get filled with a lot of gunk. Keeping those joints small and using a dark mortar can help hide and limit the amount of buildup.

Hire Someone to Keep the Area Clean

Don’t just expect the residents to keep the area clean. You need to hire someone to keep the area cleaned and stocked. Don’t just hire someone who will perform light housekeeping, such as picking up dirty towels or garbage. You need someone who will also perform routine deep cleanings, which may include power-washing and window cleanings.

Monitor Heavy-Traffic Areas Closely

You want to monitor all areas of the recreation area for damage, but some areas see more wear and tear than others, such as entryways. You’ll need to monitor these areas closely, so you can make necessary repairs, but you also want to monitor them to determine how long they are lasting, so you can be ready to replace them when necessary.

Enforce Rules and Regulations

One of the best ways you can cut down on wear and tear, or damage, is by enforcing rules and regulations that prevent potential damage. Rules like not allowing food and drinks in certain areas can eliminate spills. Make sure to post the rules, communicate the rules with residents and enforce them fairly.

Ensure There Is Money in the Budget

Perhaps one of the most important tips to help keep your recreational area well-maintained is to ensure you have enough money in the budget to do so. You need enough money for routine maintenance, but you’ll also want enough for bigger repairs, such as a new roof. This is why it is so important to monitor those heavy-traffic areas. If you know you’ll need a new entry mat every 36 months, you want to make sure you can afford it every 36 months.

Recreation areas are a great perk for any neighborhood, but they are also a lot of responsibility. These five tips, however, can help you ensure your common area is kept well-maintained.

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