Should You Become a Board Member?

If you live in a community with an HOA, you may be considering joining the board to help improve the neighborhood. However, a lot of work goes into being a board member, and you don’t get paid for it. If you are thinking about joining the association board, ask yourself these four questions to determine if it’s the right position for you.Thinking about joining an HOA board

Can I Make the Commitment?

Most board members are likely working full time jobs and volunteering on the board, but they really want to make a difference and that’s why they make the commitment. You have to balance time between your personal life, your real job and the board, and your only payment is the satisfaction of a job well done. If you feel you can make the commitment to do all the work, attend all the meetings, and interact with residents, a board position could be perfect for you.

Do I Have the Willingness to Learn the Rules?

Everyone in the community has some general knowledge regarding the rules and regulations, but as a board member, you have to know them inside and out. On top of that, you have to know how to properly make the rules. This means you need to read all the governing documents, understand them and be willing to comply with them.

Can I Put Aside My Personal Feelings?

If you want to join the board because you want to make the rules that only fit your lifestyle, forget it. Being part of the HOA board is about improving the community as a whole, not passing the rules you like and rejecting the ones you don’t. This also means putting aside your personal feelings about other residents. Even if you dislike your neighbor, you can’t just ignore their request. You have to put aside your personal feelings and consider their proposal.

Am I Okay With Upsetting People?

As a member of the board, you’re going to make decisions people love, but you’re also going to upset a few people along the way too. Not only will you have to pass rules that people don’t like, but you may have to put a lien on someone’s home or even foreclose on it. Some people are going to get mad, and they may even hate you because of it. Is that something you can live with? If not, then being on the board may not be the right option.

A great HOA can turn the community into one that really shines, and the idea of being part of that association may seem like the ideal situation. Being on the board isn’t for everyone, but if you can say “yes” to all these questions, it could be an excellent choice for you.

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