Spring Craft Ideas!

shutterstock_130280495Any time is a good time to do crafts, and in spring, you can do some that celebrate the season. If you’re looking for a fun craft idea, check out these three options. They are fun and can spice up your home or yard. Show off your crafting skills and love of spring.

Floral Pillows

One of the first things you probably picture when you think of spring is flowers. So many beautiful plants start blooming in the spring, and you can capture the beauty of those flowers with floral pillows. The process is simple. You’ll need to purchase a yard of floral fabric, which will create a 16” by 16” throw pillow. You don’t need a pattern. Simply cut the yard into two equal pieces, turn them inside out and sew them together. When you have a little left to sew, flip the fabric right side out, stuff with filling and finish sewing. Use them to decorate your sofa, bed, chairs or anywhere else you need a touch of spring.

Colander Planters

If you like hanging plants, you don’t have to purchase expensive pots. You can simply make your own out of old colanders. Take an old colander and wrap the handle in twine. Make sure the twine is tight around the handle, so it leaves no gaps. Tie off the twine to secure it. You can also use some glue to help hold it. Inside the colander, place sheet moss, potting soil and seasonal plants. To create the hanger, simply tie four lengths of twine (two on each handle) together.

Clay Plant Stakes

If your neighborhood has a community garden or you are thinking about starting your own garden, you’ll need plant stakes, but don’t just use something boring like a handwritten sign. Create fun ones out of clay. You can use polymer clay, which needs to bake in the oven to dry, or air-dry clay. First, create the square backing for your stake with clay. Then decorate it with the plant (tomato, carrot, strawberry, etc.). Bake or let dry and attach a stick. If you are using polymer clay, don’t bake the stick.

Spring is a fun time, and you can make it even more fun with these great crafts. They are the perfect way to celebrate spring and let you practice your creativity.

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