The History of International Peace Day

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World peace always seems like an impossible dream, but that doesn’t mean humanity shouldn’t strive for it. In an effort to make people aware of peace, International Peace Day was created. If you are interested in celebrating International Peace Day with your community this year, learn a little bit more about this special day.

What Is International Peace Day?

International Peace Day was founded in 1981, by the United Nations General Assembly. At that time, it was simply a day to think about the meaning of peace for the world, educate others on issues related to peace and bring awareness to peace. However, in 2001, the General Assembly added a bit more oomph to International Peace Day. They designated a day that would be non-violent and have a cease-fire policy. International Peace Day falls on September 21st.

What Is the Theme of International Peace Day 2016?

Every International Peace Day is about promoting peace, but each year, there is a different theme that looks at different ways peace can be achieved. The theme of International Peace Day 2016 is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.” The United Nations crafted 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the reason they are important for peace is because development and peace are intermingled. According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the 17 goals are a “blueprint for success.” Even though International Peace Day is on September 17th, the UN Secretary-General will celebrate on September 16, 2016 in Peace Garden at UN Headquarters by ringing the Peace Bell and offering a moment of silence.

What Is Sustainability?

The main goal of sustainability is to give the present what it needs without impacting the future in a negative way. Some of the hurdles that stand in the way of peace include racism, xenophobia, diseases, hunger, poverty, etc. Without overcoming these obstacles, peace cannot be achieved, and it is the UNs hope that by promoting sustainability, these problems can be solved, and the human race can get closer to peace. In turn, peace will help prevent these same problems in the future.

Your community may not be able to bring about world peace, but you can do your part to help. Celebrate International Peace Day by holding events in your community that can educate about peace and sustainability, or look for ways your community can help boost sustainability.

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