Vehicle Series Part 1: Parking Problems

Having cars parked where they shouldn’t be parked or having unauthorized vehicles in the neighborhood can quickly create an eyesore or even a safety hazard. However, convincing owners to move the cars can be difficult. If you are tired of shutterstock_275191160parking issues within your community, check out these tips on how to handle them.

Learn Your State’s Towing Regulations

Before you start towing any cars, check with your state to determine the towing regulations. Each state may have different laws, and you don’t want to be in violation. In many states, you need to have signs posted that have detailed information about when parking is allowed and what fees owners can expect to pay if their car is towed.

Determine if You Need a Towing Company

Do you actually need a towing company? Hiring a towing company is one more expense for your HOA, so before you hire, make sure you actually need them. Have you already spoken to homeowners about parking issues? If not, that’s a good place to start. They may simply not realize they are breaking the rules. If you have already spoken with homeowners on several occasions and they still aren’t listening, hiring a towing company may be the next step.

Communicate With Residents

Once you do decide to hire a towing company, don’t forget to let the residents know. Before you start towing cars, give the residents warning, so they know what’s coming down the road. Don’t forget to post signs stating the new policies.

Check the Towing Contract

When you are presented with a towing contract, make sure you fully read it before you sign it. One of the most important things to check is the pricing. Determine how much the towing company is charging the car owner and the association. Don’t forget to check for hidden fees, and discuss any you don’t like. You’ll also want to ensure the contract states the towing company needs to have association approval before towing any cars, and it states how long the owner has to move the car before it gets towed.

Talking with the community residents can go a long way in solving your parking problems. However, if residents and guests continue to break the rules, hiring a towing company can help solve the problem.

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